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[2024] How to Edit Someone into a Picture Without Photoshop: 4 Easy Ways

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Have you taken a remarkable group photo but were too late to realize one of your friends was not included? Or maybe someone special couldn’t attend an important occasion, but you still want them to be in your photo? Whatever the case, you are probably wondering if there is an easier way to include the missing person in the photo other than reshooting. Sure!

Before After
Group photo without a friend Photo with a missing person

Today we’re going to show you free and paid options for editing someone into a picture on a PC, Mac, iPhone, and online. Follow this step-by-step guide to discover how to add someone to a picture on any device and explore 4 cutting-edge photo editors. You can easier navigate the guide with the Contents menu below.

1. Add a person into a photo without Photoshop on PC
2. Edit someone into a picture with no effort on Mac
3. Crop someone into a photo with a web-based app
4. Add someone into a picture on iPhone with ease

How to Add a Person into a Photo Without Photoshop on PC

Want to achieve a professional result but have no experience in photo editing? Use PhotoWorks, an AI-powered photo editor packed with automatic features that will do the harder part of post-production for you. In a couple of clicks, you can add missing people to your special photo like they were always there. Afterward, you can enhance your image with color correction, apply spectacular effects and embellishments, or use other features of the program. Read the step-by-step guide below to find out more about the editing process in PhotoWorks.

Step 1. Install PhotoWorks on Your Computer

Click the button below to download the free trial of this powerful photo editor to your PC.

Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Step 2. Open the Photo of the Missing Person

Run the program and open the picture of someone you want to add to your picture. Drag and drop their image into the startup screen or click the Open Photo button and load the picture from files.

Upload the photo to PhotoWorks

Upload the picture of the person who missed the gathering

Step 3. Mark the Person and the Background

Once you’ve chosen the needed tool, use the green Object brush to paint over the person you want to add to another photo. Mark the background you need to remove with the red Background brush. A simple outline is enough for the software to detect the edges and erase the background. You can fix any missteps in the selection with the Eraser or with the same brushes in the next stage.

Paint over the person to remove the backdrop

Rid the photo with the missing person of its original background

Step 4. Add the Cutout to Your Special Picture

Proceed to the final step and click the Select Background button. Choose the Load My Own option to import your image from the PC gallery. Resize the layer with the person you are adding and find the perfect spot for it. Use the Adapt Object Colors to the Background slider to adjust the color scheme of your cutout for an organic blend with the backdrop. Apply the changes and save the result as a JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF by clicking the Save button.

Combine both of your photos

Include the missing person in the picture like they were present

Now you know how to photoshop someone into a picture without Photoshop. However, that’s only a portion of what the intelligent PhotoWorks can do for you. There are many ways you can enhance your picture further inside this handy editor. Check them out below.

What Else Can You Do in PhotoWorks?

Impressed with the program's features? Click the button below and try PhotoWorks for free today!

Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

How to Add Someone into a Picture Without Photoshop on Mac

Looking for a reliable way to add a missing person to your photo for Mac? We recommend you try Luminar Neo. The software has a powerful engine run by AI, allowing you to accomplish any photo editing task with maximum comfort. In this program, you can easily paste the absent person onto your picture with a special automatic feature. Thanks to the editor’s precision, you will achieve a decent result, as if the photo initially looked like this. Also, you can work with additional features inside this editor to adjust colors, contrast, and clarity and seamlessly blend your images. Dive into deeper detail with the steps below!

Step 1. Upload the Photo of the Missing Person

Download the editor on your Mac and open it. Click Add Photos in Catalog to load the image of the person who’s missing.

Open the photo in Luminar Neo

Open the photo of the friend you wanted to share the moment with

Step 2. Remove Unnecessary Background

While on the Edits tab, click Layers Properties and go to Masking. Click the Portrait Background Removal button to get rid of the backdrop. Fix the selection with the Refinement Background option - paint the corresponding areas with the Object and the Background brushes. Right-click the image and choose Export to save it as PNG with a transparent backdrop.

Separate the person from its background

Cut out your friend from another picture

Step 3. Add the Person to Your Group Photo

Now go back to Catalog and open the photo you want to add another person to. Head to the Edits tab and click the Layers Properties button again. Now hit the plus icon in the Layers panel and load the image of the absent person. Reposition the cutout picture and adjust its size to make it fit the new background. Then go to the File menu and click Export to save it.

Reposition the cutout person

Find the perfect place for your missing friend in the crowd

Apart from sophisticated tools for adding more people to your images, Luminar Neo has a variety of features for all kinds of tasks: spot removal, smart contrast adjustment, exposure and shadow correction, etc. The program also supports diverse image formats, including RAWs. Besides, you can create and save custom presets inside this editor. But if you want to get access to the full functionality of the app, you have to buy a subscription. Also, seasoned users of the program say that its functionality isn’t enough for in-depth photo editing.

How to Crop Someone into a Photo Online

Prefer editing online instead of clogging your computer’s hard drive with heavy programs? Use the web-based Pixlr with cloud storage and an extensive set of editing tools. You can assess this free editor with your smartphone or computer if they have a stable Internet connection. Adding a person to a picture is a piece of cake with Pixlr since it has a special web app called Remove BG for this task. Check out the guide below to find out more about Pixlr capabilities!

Step 1. Open the Photo of the Absent

First, find Remove BG in the App Selector in the upper-right corner of the editor’s website. This app specializes in background removal and can extract people and objects even from detailed and heterogeneous surroundings. Here click Select Photo to open the image of the person you want to add to your group picture. The app will delete the background of this photo automatically. Hover over the image and click the Save button to export the PNG picture to your device.

Import your picture into the editor

Erase the backdrop with the automatic Remove BG web app

Step 2. Combine Two Photos into One

In the App Selector, find Pixlr E. This is the editor that you can use to combine your photos. Tap the Open Photo button on the startup screen to import the photo you want to add the absent person to. Now click the Plus icon and open the cutout image in the Layer tab on the right.

Add the missing person to the group photo

Place the friend who wasn't able to make it against your group photo

Step 3. Adapt the Photo to the Background

Resize the layer with the missing person and find the best place for it. In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, you’ll find various filters and features like auto adjustment, curves, and mimic HDR. Those will help you fix brightness, color balance and make your montage look more realistic.

Find the best place for the cutout person

Resize and reposition the figure to make it look organic among the people in the group

Step 4. Save Your Photo in the Desired Format

When satisfied with the result, use the Ctrl+S hotkey or the Save option in the File menu to export your picture. Choose the format and photo quality that are most suitable for your goals.

Export your picture

Save your new photo in JPEG, PNG, WebP, or PXZ

This editor is a complete suite of free photo post-production applications that break down the editing process into simple tasks, saving you a lot of time and stress. Nearly all its tools are automatic, so you won't need any previous experience in editing to master them. However, bear in mind that if you want to add someone to your picture, you’ll have to switch between apps since adding a background to a cutout in Remove BG is a Premium feature.

How to Photoshop Someone into a Picture on an iPhone

Want to edit photos on the go using your smartphone? Learn how to add a person to a picture on an iPhone using the Photoshop Express app. It’s a powerful and handy editor that has a variety of photo effects and enhancement features available for free. The application allows you to combine elements from different images, blend layers, and retouch your portraits. This app is quite similar in its capabilities to the desktop version but has fewer options and a simplified interface. So if you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with all the exotic features of Photoshop but need an editor by a respectable developer, this app is the right choice. Let’s get down to business!

Step 1. Open Your Photo in Photoshop Express

To begin with, install the app and create an Adobe account to get access to its features. Tap the Mix button on the home screen to open your iPhone gallery and import the photo of the absent person.

Step 2. Turn the Background of the Cutout Transparent

If you want to mark the person manually, tap Add Custom and choose the Brush tool. Paint over your friend to get rid of the backdrop. For a quick background removal, tap Cutout and pick the Subject option. If you see any missteps, choose the Remove option and use the Brush tool to correct them. It works as an eraser - just paint over the unwanted area.

Step 3. Add the Cutout to Your Group Picture

Next, tap the plus icon to open the photo you want to add the cutout person to. In the Layer list, drag the layer with the smaller object to the top. Change the size of the cutout person and position them in the right place in the photo. Play with the opacity, lighting, and color of the upper image. Try on the built-in effects to make the overlay look more organic.

Combine both of your photos in Photosho Express

Add the absent person to your photo in Photoshop Express App with ease

Besides being a solid editor for adding the missing people to images, this app allows you to mix photos, apply special effects, reduce noise, retouch your portraits, and make creative photo collages on the go. However, tracing out and adding a person to another picture with your finger might be challenging on a small screen. You will spend quite a while completing the task. Besides, unless you purchase the Premium subscription, you won’t be able to correct any missteps.

Final Words

Now you know how to add a person to a photo on any device. Can’t decide on the most suitable software? Let’s make a recap. Want to add someone to a photo on your Mac? Luminar Neo would be a great option since it has an appealing and user-friendly interface and tools for a decent result. Prefer online editors and don't mind giving websites access to your photo gallery? Go with Pixlr. It has various advanced tools and handy apps for all editing tasks under one roof. Photoshop Express app is the perfect solution for those who want a widely recognized pocket editor to make montages and enhance images on the go.

If you’re a PC user looking for an easy editor with diverse automatic tools and a smooth workflow, choose PhotoWorks. With it, you can add a person to any photo and enhance the image with AI-run tools for an affordable price.

Whatever of the mentioned editors you end up with, we hope this article was useful for you and wish you the greatest accomplishments in your post-processing!

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