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Passport Photo Maker 9.35
Professional passport size photos in seconds
  • Make perfect ID photos with the help of smart cropping tool
  • Use up-to-date passport photo templates for 130 countries
  • Save on your printing costs with a set of convenient layouts
Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
Passport Photo Maker

See What You Can Do with Passport Photo Maker

Prepare ID photos for any document type

Use the up-to-date database to prepare photos for US passport, Schengen visa, driver's license, baby passport, etc. Just add your photo and the app will apply the right settings and dimensions automatically.

Change background & clothes on your photos

Replace unsuitable clothes right in the software using an integrated collection of clothing items. You can also change the background color with one mouse click or use color brushes if manual adjustment is required.

Enhance photos and retouch imperfections

This passport photo creator comes with a complete set of photo editing tools to fix brightness, contrast, color balance, correct shadows, as well as rotate and straighten headshots with precision.

Print ID photos in professional quality

Print any number of passport size photos on different paper sizes. It's also possible to create a custom layout and save it as a template for later printing. Crop marks will help accurately trim the photo once it's printed.

Make pro-level ID photos in a matter of minutes!

Passport Photo Maker is the professionals’ choice when it comes to making ID photos that correspond to the latest requirements. The integrated database of ID types that comes with the software stores the settings for different types of documents common in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other countries, as well as a large database of different visa photo types. The built-in database is regularly updated with new passport photo templates, which saves both home users and professional photographers a lot of money and effort.

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Passport Photo MakerHow to get started with the program

Perfect choice for home users and professional photographers

This ID photo generator from AMS Software suite is available under three license types that meet all the needs of both regular users and professionals. While home users will love the program's intuitive interface and many ID types for different countries, professional photographers will make good use of its business-oriented tools. No need to overpay for the features you don't even use!

Download the program and convert any photo to passport size!
Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Old PCs friendly.

Smart Solution to Making a Professional Passport Photo

The Studio version of Passport Photo Maker has a set of special features for automating operation and tracking orders. It allows photography businesses to set prices for various services, such as saving a photo, printing a photo, saving a print layout, burning photos to CD, etc. The program provides order statistics which can be exported to a spreadsheet. What's more, there's a client database with convenient search that enables to reprint any of those photos without reshooting. The Activity Log feature shows all the actions employees make with the program. To limit their access to some functions, you can use a password system.

Don’t have a professional camera to take a shot of yourself? Or you just prefer editing pictures on the go using your smartphone? Learn how to take a passport photo with your iPhone and have your official images perfectly ready no matter where you are.

How to Edit Your Headshots in Passport Photo Maker

Add your ID photo to the program
Take a picture & choose an ID template

Take a picture of yourself against a plain background. You can do it either with a camera or your smartphone. For more convenience, you can use a special add-on that connects your camera to computer and lets you shoot remotely.

To make a professional passport photo that meets the official requirements, simply choose a suitable document type – all the settings will be applied automatically, and you will get a photo with the right dimensions.

Retouch ID photos
Edit and retouch your photo as needed

After choosing a proper ID template, the program will resize your photo in accordance with the official requirements, for example, crop it to a 2x2 photo for US passport.

Although it's prohibited to alter your appearance on an ID photo, you can still slightly touch it up - adjust brightness, improve contrast and color balance, correct shadows, remove red eyes and replace the existing background with a more suitable one.

Smart printing module
Submit online or print at home

Submit a digital photo for DV lottery, UK visa and other documents online. The auto settings of the selected ID type meet all the official requirements for the composition, resolution and background.

The print module allows printing on any type of paper and automatically fits the required number of photos on a page. Print different types of photos as well as photos of different people on the same page. Adjust the space between your photos and add crop marks to cut them out once printed.

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Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
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