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How to Make a Wedding Slideshow: Fast & Easy

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Your dream wedding is over, but you still have that sweet lingering feeling. Want to make it last even longer? Create a wedding slideshow then! You don't have to be a pro in slideshow making to craft a romantic video all by yourself. With SmartSHOW 3D, you can make stunning wedding videos even if you've never done it before. Just take your best wedding photos, add a lovely tune, throw in some eye-catching effects, and you'll have a gorgeous slideshow in a flash.

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Want to create your wedding slideshow right now? Let’s do it! In this guide, we’ll show you how to craft a similar video blow-by-blow. Besides, we’ll be happy to share some great tips on how to make your slideshow even more memorable. Shall we?

Surefire Wedding Slideshow Tips

Don't know where or how to start with your wedding slideshow? These little tips will help you:

  • Don't just stick to pictures, use videos, too - The best way to make an eye-catching wedding slideshow is to combine photos with videos. Use footage from your ceremony to liven up your slideshow and make it more dynamic. Did anyone film you giving your vows? Use that! You have a video of your little niece being the cutest flower girl? Add that, too!
  • How long should a wedding slideshow be? - To be safe, use the Goldilocks approach. Do not make your video too long because it will bore the viewers. But don't make it too brief either, since the video will be underwhelming. There is no perfect running time for a wedding slideshow, but most people agree that a video should run for two average-length songs.
  • Avoid making your slideshow too flamboyant - "Less is more", remember? Even though SmartSHOW 3D offers 400+ animation effects and transitions, don't be tempted to use all of them. Make your wedding slides graceful and subtle, do not overcrowd them with flaming hearts, rotating rings, or soaring doves. A glowing quote or floating bubbles would be enough.
  • Choose the right wedding slideshow music - The two of you have different tastes and can’t decide on the tune? Then why not create two versions of one video? Make a manly version with wedding slideshow songs for the groom - with an upbeat and energetic soundtrack. Then, create a girly version with wedding slideshow songs for the bride, say, a tear-jerking love song.
  • Decide on how you are going to show your video - Why now? Because you'll need to choose the right saving format for your slideshow. SmartSHOW 3D offers 30+ formats that include a video for TV, phone, tablet, popular social media, etc. So whether you want to show your video on TV, upload it straight to Facebook, or burn it to DVD - go with the right format.

How to Make a Wedding Slideshow with Music: Easy Guide

Sure, there are countless slideshow making softwares, both desktop and web-based (no doubt Powerpoint and Smilebox come to mind). However, these programs either lack features or they are just too complicated to master. SmartSHOW is neither of those things. This powerful slideshow maker offers a plethora of eye-catching effects and beautiful templates. And at the same time it has a clear interface and is very easy to use and navigate. So let's use SmartSHOW 3D to make a wedding slideshow in 5 simple steps.

Step 1. Add Your Wedding Photos and Videos

Run the software and choose a suitable project type. Go with "Slideshow in 5 Minutes", if you want to use one of the pre-designed templates, or choose "New Project" if you want to create a wedding presentation from scratch. Add your wedding pictures and videos to the timeline. Shuffle them, or put them in a strict order, if you want to chronicle your big day.

Pick a project format and add your pictures Add your most beautiful wedding photos and videos to your project

Step 2. Apply Beautiful Effects and Animations

Now let's add some magic to your slideshow. Use slide animation effects to make your photos pan left and right, zoom in and zoom out, or rotate around. Apply various transitions to make your slideshow either dynamic and explosive or calm and graceful. Add beautiful nature effects like floating bubbles and glowing hearts to make your video even more fairytale-like.

Add eyecatching effects to your wedding slideshow Choose a suitable project format and add your pictures

Step 3. Insert Dates and Meaningful Quotes

Still have a lot of heartwarming words unsaid? Then add them to your wedding picture slideshow. Use the Edit Slide module to insert touching quotes, poems, or declarations of your love. Type in your text or your wedding date, choose font style, animate it the way you want - make it float around or just keep it still, but add glowing to it.

Add captions and quotes to your wedding slideshow Decorate your slideshow with heartfelt quotes or romantic poems

Step 4. Use Wedding Slideshow Songs

Add music to set the mood of your video. SmartSHOW 3D offers a library of 200+ tracks that are divided into categories, so you are sure to find something to your taste. You can also use music of your own. Upbeat or serene? Solemn or romantic? Add as many tracks as you want if you can't decide on just one. Have a funny behind-the-scene story to tell? Or want to tell your spouse once how much you love them? Record voice comments and add them to the timeline.

Add music and voice comments to your wedding slideshow Set the mood of your wedding video with a tune

The whole feel of your wedding photo slideshow depends on the music you choose. Want to find just the right track? Here are songs for wedding slideshows you might want to check out.

Step 5. Save Your Wedding Video Montage

Now it's time to save your creation. SmartSHOW 3D offers more than 30 saving options for your finished project. Save your wedding photography slideshow as a video for TV, phone, or tablet. Burn it to DVD, or create a video to be upload straight to social media - this slideshow maker can do it all.

Save and share your wedding slideshow Save your slideshow as a video for TV, social media, or burn it to DVD

And that's it - just five simple steps to a one-of-a-kind wedding slideshow. Want to try it yourself? You can! SmartSHOW 3D comes with a free trial, so download it now and start creating stunning slideshows. It's so easy to keep your wedding memories fresh!

Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Wedding Slideshow Templates: Shortcuts to a Gorgeous Video

Want to create a lovely wedding photo montage or animated photo collage, but don't think you have a neck for it? SmartSHOW 3D is here to help you! The software comes with an impressive library of 200+ templates that allow you to make a stunning wedding video in mere minutes. Graceful animation, serene backgrounds, smooth transitions, romantic music, and whimsical nature effects create a perfect frame for you most cherished wedding pictures. All you have to do is to add your photos to the chosen template and voila - you have a tear jerking wedding video in no time!

Here's just a little glimpse at what SmartSHOW 3D has to offer:

Wedding Slideshow Ideas for a Unique Video

Feel that conventional wedding slideshows are not your thing? Strive for originality? Then we have picked a few creative wedding slideshow ideas that might tickle your fancy.

  • Crowd-sourced wedding slideshow. Most of your friends and family members are going to snap pictures of their own during your wedding. Make use of those pictures! Create a unique wedding slideshow not with professional photos, but rather with amatuer shots. Pictures taken at weird angles, photobombers, non-existent focus - these things will bring something magically personal to your slideshow, without taking out the beauty of your special day.
  • Mockumentary-style wedding slideshow. Chronicle your wedding day right from waking up, getting ready, then walking down the aisle. Use documentary-style narration, take friends and family members' interviews, then mix it all into a tongue-in-cheek visual narrative that will later have you laugh out loud.
  • Blooper reel-style wedding slideshow. You are funny. Your partner is funny. So make a wedding slide show to match! Since nothing usually goes according to plan, you are sure to end up with funny pictures or ridiculous footages from your ceremony. You and your spouse grimacing, someone tripping and falling over, your uncle dancing to the latest jam - all of those things will bring smile to your face whenever you rewatch the video.
  • Reality TV-style wedding slideshow. More drama! Turn your wedding slideshow into a series of outtakes from a cheesy reality TV show. Have you friends and relatives giving fake interviews about you as a couple in a style of overhyped reality celebrities. Turn your wedding pictures into paparazzi shots, spice it all up with a TMZ-style voiceover.

Sure, a wedding day seems endless, but it does pass eventually, leaving a sweet trail of memories like rose petals. Do not let those memories fade! Keep them fresh with a wedding slideshow. It's beautiful, it's fun and it's really easy to create with SmartSHOW 3D. Use this powerful slideshow maker and its vast library of effects and templates to breathe a new life into your wedding pictures. Let your wedding slideshow be a reminder that love is truly all you need.

FAQ on Making a Wedding Slideshow

How long should a wedding slideshow be?

Experts agree that you can make your video up to 10 minutes long. A video of this length, if accompanied with the right music, will hold your viewers’ attention easily.

Set the perfect length of a wedding slideshow

How many photos should be in a wedding slideshow?

For your wedding video, you can cull up to 120 pictures. The duration of each slide should be around 5 seconds so that the viewers could have a good look at your beautiful photos.

Pick the right number of wedding pictures

How to make a wedding DVD slideshow?

To burn your animated wedding pictures to a DVD, you’ll need a slideshow making program with this option. Go with SmartSHOW 3D - this software has 30+ exporting formats, including DVD.

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