How to Make a Birthday Calendar - Free Templates
How to Make a Birthday Calendar?
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Birthday calendar creator

Make a DIY Birthday Calendar

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We often mark the birthday dates of our dear and near in printed calendars. However, a handwritten text might fade or make your planner look messy. Here’s a better idea - create a custom B-day reminder. Below, you will find some cool-looking examples of such birthday trackers for inspiration and a step-by-step guide on how to make a family birthday calendar.

Free Birthday Calendar Templates

A person's birthday is an important event for their relatives, friends, and colleagues. But what happens if you forget about someone's birthday in the rush of daily life? They may feel really upset. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, keep a birthday tracker at home or in your office. Here're some ideas that you can use to design a unique calendar with your own photos.

Booklet birthday calendar
Booklet Birthday Calendar

Have a lot of friends and acquaintances? If so, it must be quite a challenge to remember everyone's birthday and get gifts on time. How about getting a DIY booklet calendar for birthdays with all the celebrants' names and ages? Insert each friend's picture into the calendar grid if you have trouble remembering who is who (just kidding!).

Wall birthday calendar
Hanging Birthday Calendar

If your relatives are sensitive when it comes to their birthdays or anniversaries, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by creating a wall calendar with all the family birthdays in one place. Or maybe you need a birthday reminder so that you could buy gifts in advance? A happy birthday calendar for your board will keep you informed.

Desk birthday calendar
Office Birthday Calendar

Birthday celebrations are a great team-building activity. However, if there are quite a lot of people in your department, it's hard to remember all the important dates. How about making a birthday reminder calendar? Use a desk planner format and keep this calendar in sight - this way you'll be able to keep track of all the birthdays.

Just imagine a calendar where all the birthdays would be marked with the celebrants’ pictures. You can keep such a calendar at home or in your office as an effective reminder of your loved ones’ birthdays. You can also give it to one of your friends or staff members as a heartwarming gift.

Want one of those calendars at home or in your office? Get started with Photo Calendar Creator, a smart program offering hundreds of timesaving templates and lots of customization options.

With Photo Calendar Creator, you can build a custom birthday calendar design with photos using 250+ templates of various formats. Besides, the program allows you to add birthdays to your calendar and decorate its grid with pics of your dear and near. Also, you can include custom lists of holidays and important events you want to keep in mind.

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How to Make a Birthday Calendar with Your Friends' Photos

Even if you don't have any prior experience in calendar design, you won't face any difficulties! Follow our step-by-step guide and create your own birthday planner in just a few minutes.

Step 1. Choose a Birthday Calendar Template

Decide on the format of your calendar and choose one of the 250+ time-saving templates: desk, wall, spiral-bound calendars and more. If you want to stray away from regular yearly and monthly calendars, go to the Custom section: there you'll find perpetual, 3-year, and quarterly calendars, as well as other non-conventional formats. Once you've chosen the template, upload the title picture.

Pick a birthday calendar template Pick one of the 250+ birthday calendar templates and upload your pictures

Step 2. Customize the Month Style to Your Liking

Click the Month Style button to change the grid template. You can choose from a great variety of grid styles: classic, table, column, one-line, transparent, etc. We recommend going with a table grid for your printable calendar because it displays the name and age of each birthday celebrant and allows you to add pictures to the grid cells.

Customize the grid the way you want Change the grid template by clicking the Month Style button

Step 3. Add Your Own Events to Your Calendar

Next step is to add personal events and holidays, including your friends and relatives' birthday list. Just add a date and the program will calculate the age of each person and show how old they will be on their upcoming birthday. Two birthdays coinciding is not a problem: you can fit two events into one date cell so that no one would be forgotten.

Add birthdays and anniversaries Check how old the birthday person is turning right in the cell

Step 4. Insert Pics of Loved Ones to the Grid

Want your birthday calendar to be more visually-pleasing? Add portraits of the birthday celebrants right to the grid cells, and decorate them with colorful cliparts. Besides, you can turn the title picture into a creative collage right in the program. Elegant picture frames, creative masks, and clipart images will make your collage look awesome!

Add celebrants' pictures to the month grid Spice up your birthday month calendar with the celebrants' baby photos

Want to use professional-quality pictures to design your printable birthday calendars for home and work? Get more happy birthday images that will brighten up your project!

Step 5. Save or Print Your Family Birthday Calendar

Now you can easily print all kinds of calendars thanks to Photo Calendar Creator's built-in printing module. Desk calendars can be somewhat tricky, but the module will automatically arrange the pages so that you won't have to do it manually. If you don't have a printer at home, you can save your printable birthday calendars in PDF or TIFF and have them printed somewhere else (in the nearest print shop or at your friend's place).

Save and print your birthday calendar Save your b-day calendar as a template for further use

Creating custom calendars with birthday pictures has never been easier.
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Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Personalized birthday calendars with photos can make splendid gifts or become lovely elements of home decor. Calendar apps on a smartphone or PC can't match them, being too impersonal and bleak. Want a birthday tracker that can truly fill your heart with joyous anticipation? So get creative right now and design your own B-day calendar, anniversary reminder, or even an advent calendar for someone special with the help of Photo Calendar Creator!