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10 Top Christmas Slideshow Templates and Themes

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At Christmas, families gather and friends reunite to make sweet memories. But they can fade and get blurry over the years, and you might wonder if there is any way to preserve and cherish these moments? An uplifting Christmas slideshow could be the solution. It can help you relive memories and feel the magic of Christmas by displaying the highlights of your holiday celebrations, home decorations, and touching family portraits.

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With customizable templates and user-friendly tools at your fingertips, designing a captivating slideshow will be a piece of cake even if you’ve never made one before! To help you with this joyful process, we’ll show you how to craft a Christmas video using a feature-rich slideshow maker for beginners and experienced users. In this article, you’ll also find 2 more programs for online editing and making a presentation on a computer.

As a bonus, we’ll share a bunch of Christmas slides templates that are waiting for you to try them out and personalize them with your own pictures, captions, and music. Now it’s time to dive into the art of slideshow making. Let's make this Christmas truly unforgettable!

Best Christmas Slideshow Templates

Most programs offer classic layouts that look way too boring and simple for such an exciting holiday as Christmas. So, we're thrilled to show you a range of templates specifically designed for Christmas-related content. Whether you prefer an elegant or a festive style, you’ll discover a perfect pack of Christmas themes to suit your taste.

Let’s take a look at a handful of templates designed for SmartSHOW 3D. First, you’ll discover free embedded themes, and then you’ll find more sophisticated options that you can purchase separately. Now let’s see which template suits you best.

“Winter Fun” Free Template

“Winter Fun” is a ready-to-use theme that is crammed with animations imitating winter weather and landscapes - snow banks, snowflakes falling down, the woods behind your pictures, etc. A polar bear together with a Christmas tree and decorations will make a superb background for your Christmas slideshow, especially if you’d like to showcase pictures of your children. This Christmas slideshow template is free to use, and it doesn’t require any additional downloads.

“Winter Tale” Free Template

Another template you could use for making a Christmas-themed slideshow is “Winter Tale”. Videos made with this template have a calm background of soothing blue color. It’s also animated with falling snowflakes recreating the winter atmosphere. Here, you can include family photos, themed pictures with Christmas decorations, quotes, and heart-felt wishes.

You will find “Winter Tale” in the embedded collection of free templates, so you can instantly create your Christmas slideshow in the program. The video below can give you some inspiration.

“Happy New Year” Free Template

If you prefer a minimalistic style, you might like the “Happy New Year” slideshow theme. A background of the traditional red color, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the corner, and gifts laying before your photos make a perfect theme where your pictures grab all the attention of the viewers. There are also slides with tree branches in the background and sparkles falling down that are suitable for a more joyful mood.

This is a free template pre-installed in the slideshow maker. Here’s an example of what you can create using this theme:

“Merry Christmas” Template

Want to feel the frosty beauty and heartwarming atmosphere of Christmas? The “Merry Christmas” style pack will be perfect for you then. The slides display the traditional Christmas palette and picturesque snow-covered landscapes. It has a virtual photo album where you can show off your holiday photos. But that's not all - the "Merry Christmas” template also features a greeting card slide where you can write heartfelt wishes to your loved ones.

Watch the video below and you’ll see that this slideshow will surely bring smiles to the faces of the viewers. The program’s collection does not include the “Merry Christmas” template, but you can download the style pack separately.

“Welcome Winter” Template

Ready to welcome new Christmas experiences and memories in your life? Then don’t hesitate to try the “Welcome Winter” template. You will like this pack if you’re fond of Nordic patterns and want traditional Christmas characters like a snowman or reindeer in your presentation. The knit texture creates a cozy atmosphere that will align perfectly with the adorable photos in your slideshow.

Does this description sound like something you’d like to try? Then you can order the template and create a stunning slideshow like the example below.

“Winter Magic” Template

If you need something Christmassy yet elegant, you might like the “Winter Magic” template. It features themed transitions and animations that will suit any winter holidays. This is the best choice for showcasing a Christmas family photoshoot. Falling snowflakes, Christmas tree branches, and other themed animations will spruce up your slideshow and give it a festive look.

Now you can watch an example of a Christmas-themed video created with the use of this template, and if you like it, you can download “Winter Magic” separately and enjoy the creative process.

“New Year” Template

Do you like festive embellishments, like Christmas toys, trees, and bells? The “New Year” template will appeal to you then. It’s full of such decorations and will be the best choice for displaying family photos and home videos. This option is suitable for slideshows about any winter holidays, whether you want to show outdoor winter activities or a family dinner at Christmas. So, by buying the “New Year” style pack, you’ll get ready for any occasion.

“Winter Tale” Template

Another enchanting slideshow template is “Winter Tale.” It will charm you with Santa’s sleigh flying across your slide, Christmas backgrounds showcasing a winter forest, and snowflakes falling down on your photos. Still not sure about this option? Watch the video below to see the template in action. If you like the style pack, you can purchase it and get started with your projects right away.

“Let It Snow” Template

You’re more into modern style slideshows? Then you should definitely try “Let It Snow.” This template includes collages with gorgeous illustrations of Christmas preparations, Christmas trees, reindeers in the woods, snow-capped mountains, and so much more. Some slide styles resemble DIY paper decorations, which gives soothing and calm vibes to a video. Sparkling transitions and uplifting background music in the slideshow will recreate the magical atmosphere of Christmas.

To see what the “Let It Snow” template is like in practice, check out the video below. Impressed by the visuals of the style pack? Then you can order it and create touching slideshows with your own photos just in a few clicks.

“Happy New Year” Template

The “Happy New Year” template is full-packed with photo frames ready to be filled with your own images. There’s also a slide decorated as a beautiful Christmas card where you can write your wishes, biblical quotes, a letter from Santa, or whatever you’d like to type.

This mesmerizing set of Christmas slide styles will bring you joy on both Christmas and the New Year. Watch this video, and you’ll see it yourself.

How to Create a Christmas Slideshow

Now that you’ve decided on the slides pack of Christmas themes, let’s get started with crafting your presentation. We’ll be using a beginner-friendly program for Windows - SmartSHOW 3D. This is a drag-and-drop slideshow maker that provides over 200 pre-designed templates, over 500 effects, more than 200 tunes that you can use in your projects for free, and a built-in photo editor with filters and basic enhancement tools.

Ready to transform your archive of Christmas photos into a miraculous slideshow? Then follow the steps below to create a themed video in a flash.

Step 1. Install SmartSHOW 3D on Your PC

To download the installation file, click on the button below. Then open it, follow the instructions of the setup wizard, and launch the slideshow maker afterwards.

Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Step 2. Choose a Template

If you want to create a slideshow from scratch, select Blank Project. To use pre-installed Christmas theme slides, click Slideshow in 5 Minutes, browse the templates, and after choosing one, hit Next.

Choose a template from the collection Select one of the templates

Step 3. Add Your Pictures

To insert images to the project, click Add Photo, and select several pictures.

Insert images into the project Create a flow of memories with your own photos

Step 4. Add a Soundtrack

Accompany your Christmas slides with a catchy tune, either from the program’s collection of royalty-free music tracks or by adding your own file.

Adding music to the project Set the tone for your movie

Step 5. Save Your Christmas Slideshow

Now preview your movie. Then you can continue editing or save the slideshow right away. The software lets you burn slideshows to DVD, save it for playing on your smartphone, prepare it for uploading to a website, and so on.

Exporting your work Add the final touch and export your video

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Other Ways to Make a Christmas Slideshow

Christmas presentations can be the highlight of the winter holidays in many ways. For instance, they can play in the background at family gatherings - family members can engage in conversations as they watch the video. Christmas slideshows are also commonly used for school projects presenting information about the holiday, and even arranging a fun quiz at a party with friends.

Feeling inspired? Then let’s take a look at 2 alternative ways to make a themed Christmas slideshow: using PowerPoint and Google Slides. These are one of the most popular programs for creating presentations, and they might be suitable options for you as well.

Creating Movies with Free PowerPoint Templates for Christmas

Christmas slideshows: PowerPoint Try PowerPoint slideshow maker

To create slideshows on Mac or Windows, you can use PowerPoint, widely used presentation software. Here, you can add text, images, videos, charts, and other elements to your slides. PowerPoint also allows you to use various animations, transitions, and audio to enhance your slideshow. However, all these features come at a rather high price - you need to purchase the standalone version of the software or buy a subscription.

If you already have a Microsoft subscription, then you can use a variety of free PowerPoint templates about Christmas to create your festive presentations. You can find some customizable slideshow templates right in the program and on the official Microsoft website, but the choice is quite limited. Alternatively, you can download free PowerPoint templates for Christmas prepared by other creative enthusiasts.

Making a Christmas Presentation with Google Slides

Christmas slideshows: Google Slides Create Christmas slideshows online

If you’d like to create a Christmas picture slide show within your browser, you should try Google Slides, an online tool that allows you to create and edit presentations on any device. In Google Slides, you can share your project with others using a shareable link or by inviting specific people to collaborate on the presentation. Another good thing about the program is that Google Slides is absolutely free to use. This service has a collection of basic themes, but you can import Christmas slides templates and customize them in the program.

There are yet some disadvantages you need to consider - presentations saved as .pptx might look different when opened in Microsoft PowerPoint, and other available formats like PDF and JPEG won’t play a video or audio added to your slideshow. Besides, you need a Google account to use this web-based presentation making platform.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're planning a virtual gathering or sending out digital holiday cards to someone living far away, creating a stunning Christmas slideshow is the perfect way to send your wishes and accompany the celebration of the holiday.

You can design a slideshow from scratch or make one using a beautifully designed template. Now you have a big choice of paid and free Christmas slideshow templates and know 3 best tools to use for this job. Go for SmartSHOW 3D if you want to easily create a professional-looking slideshow with many customization options. To make a presentation online, try Google Slides. But if you’re a Microsoft user, you already have a tool at your disposal - PowerPoint.

So gather your favorite pictures, choose the program you like the most, and craft a touching Christmas slideshow today!

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