10 Best Free Body Editing Apps to Reshape Your Body in 2024
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10 Best Body Editor Apps for iOS, Android & Windows in 2024

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Dreaming of a six-pack, slim waist, and long skinny legs? Then you’ve landed on the right page. In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 best body editor apps that will do wonders to your pictures. Here’re the dazzling results you can achieve:

Before After
Best body editing apps: before Best body editing apps: after

Only models know how to pose right and look thin, sporty, or at least just as good as they do in real life. But it doesn’t mean you need to be a professional to have perfect photos. There are a multitude of free body editing apps to narrow the waist, tone muscles, lengthen the legs, and even change the height with no visual distortions in a picture.

Today, we’ll show you the top 10 body shape editors for Windows, Android, and iOS. They have different sets of tools, interface designs, and usability. After telling you the pros and cons of the apps, we’ll also give you step-by-step instructions on how to make body transformations in PhotoDiva, a beginner-friendly photo editor for retouching and overall image enhancement. Now let’s get down to the reviews to see which photo editor might suit you better.


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Top 10 Apps to Edit a Body

Body editing has always been popular in photography, so the market offers plenty of programs you can choose from. We’ve tested some of them and picked 10 best body editing apps based on their functionality, usability, and pricing. Now let’s take a glance at the list of photo editors.

  1. PhotoDiva - best face & body editor overall
  2. AirBrush - best retouching app
  3. RetouchMe - body morphing app
  4. FixThePhoto - body editing service
  5. Perfect Me - face and body tuning app
  6. Body Tune - automatic body editor
  7. Peachy - selfie and body shape editor
  8. Everlook - body reshaping app
  9. Fotogenic - basic body shape editor
  10. Spring - height stretching & body slimming app

10 Body Reshaping Photo Editors with Free Versions

Whether you want to make your body appear better or simply fix a photographer’s mistake, you can use one of the following photo editors to enhance your pictures. Some of them are more suitable for correcting minor imperfections, but some will help you reshape the body with professional precision. Let’s find out what these programs have to offer.

1. PhotoDiva

PhotoDiva is a powerful portrait editor that can provide your shots with natural and high-quality retouching. It’s full-packed with AI-powered editing tools to digitally modify the body and sculpt the face in an instant. The toolkit allows you to quickly slim and lengthen the person’s legs, enlarge their muscles, and flatten the stomach in pictures. The smart technology identifies the body parts, so there’s no need to make the selection on your own. You can also edit them separately by enlarging or reducing the size of a specific area, for example, the breasts or shoulders.

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As for portrait retouching, PhotoDiva lets you whiten the model’s teeth, change the skin tone, apply makeup, and reshape the face: plump the lips, make the nose smaller, etc. The program also has over a hundred filters and a handful of photo editing tools for overall image enhancement - color correction, cropping, sharpening, and even background replacement can be done just in a few clicks. PhotoDiva is compatible with Windows and runs with no problem even on older computers. The software is available for a lifetime license and has 3 versions: Essentials ($19.25), Pro ($29.40), and Ultimate ($39.20).


PhotoDiva, a beginner-friendly body editor with AI technology

  • One-swipe body reshaping
  • Automatic retouching tools
  • 450+ RAW formats supported
  • Lifetime license
  • 100+ trendy filters
  • No abs stickers

Need a free app to reshape the body shape easily and naturally?
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2. AirBrush

AirBrush is a mobile photo editor mainly used for enhancing portraits. This is one of the best apps to enlarge body parts - it allows you to quickly expand and slim body parts by pulling selected areas. With AirBrush, you can also make the teeth whiter, improve the skin tone, stretch the height, reshape the facial features, and so on.

One downside is that there are no automatic body reshaping tools, so you might need to spend some time accurately selecting the parts, which is a little harder to do on a smartphone rather than on a computer. Besides, some features, such as applying filters, will require an Internet connection. The body editing app is free, but you’ll find lots of in-app purchases. For example, the Sculpt Filter will cost you $7.99 and the Firm Filter costs $6.99. Besides, there are premium features and filters that require a subscription at the price of $35.99/year (annual plan) or $7.99/month (monthly plan).


AirBrush, a mobile app with a manual body changing tool

  • Manual body editing
  • 7-day free trial
  • Few body changing options
  • Takes up over 500 MB

3. RetouchMe

RetouchMe is a photo editing app used for making automatic body changes. In the program, you’ll find over 100 one-tap retouching options, including waist slimming, belly flattening, chest reducing or enlarging, and shoulders widening. You can also add volume to your hair and change the hairstyle. If the background looks dull or irrelevant, you can use a background template by RetouchMe or swap it with your own backdrop picture.

You might find the interface of RetouchMe rather confusing, and it might take you a while to figure out how to use it. You can download the app for free, but for editing your photos, a subscription is required. The Basic Retouching plan costs $9.99 per month, the Optimal Retouching plan costs $29.99 per month, and the Premium Retouching plan costs $49.99 per month. There are some other in-app purchases as well, ranging from $0.99 to $19.99.


RetouchMe, a photo retouching app with an automatic body changer

  • 100+ ready-to-use retouching filters
  • Lots of useful tools
  • Cluttered interface

4. FixThePhoto

FixThePhoto is a dedicated body morphing app for Android and iOS. The program comes with built-in body reshaping filters such as Slimmer Waist, Butt Lifting, Breast Size, Hips Size, etc. With the app, you can even digitally iron the clothes and correct the nails to make your photos absolutely flawless.

Even though the editing process in FixThePhoto is smooth and effortless, the interface leaves much to be desired - the app is rather difficult to navigate. You can download the body reshaping photo editor for free, but you’ll need to purchase credits for altering your images: 5 Credits for $1.99, 20 Credits for $6.99, 50 Credits for $15.99, 120 Credits for $35.99, 400 Credits for $89.99, and 1000 Credits for $199.99.


FixThePhoto, a mobile body shape changer

  • Dozens of retouching filters
  • Lightweight app
  • Confusing interface
  • Credits required

5. Perfect Me

Perfect Me is a mobile app where you can change the body in photos and videos. With this program, you can relight your portraits, add a tattoo or ab stickers, enhance the skin, tune the face, and reshape the body using an automatic tool. It also has an embedded tone enhancer to apply the skin color you want. The app offers some of the basic body-changing features for editing the waist, hips, breasts, and height, but other adjustments will need a little bit of work with the Reshape tool.

Perfect Me has a huge disadvantage though - the app takes up a lot of space, so you’ll need to free up the phone memory to avoid bugs. You’ll also have to pay for the VIP subscription to get access to full-body filters and unlock other useful tools like editing arms, neck, and belly. The in-app purchases vary from $19.00 to $299.

Perfect Me

Perfect Me, a program for changing the body in pictures and videos

  • Body editor for photos and videos
  • Easy-to-use tools
  • A lot of storage required
  • Few body editing features

6. Body Tune

Body Tune will work for you if you want to increase your height and enlarge or slim body parts. You’ll only need to choose what you want to change and drag the slider to adjust the effect. The body filters include Waist, Hips, Height, Abs, etc. There are also Refine, Cleanser, and Skin Color tools that you might find useful while retouching photos.

Body Tune doesn't require much space, but some users have complained that the app freezes while editing images. You’ll also need the Pro version of Body Tune to save an unlimited number of photos. There are 3 options you can choose from: Monthly Pro ($7.99), Bodytune Pro ($29.99), and Body Pro ($45.99).

Body Tune

Body Tune, an automatic body editing app

  • Quick body retouching
  • No pro-grade editing tools
  • Freezes while photo processing

7. Peachy

Peachy is a body shaping app that is only available for Apple devices. It has a manual and an automatic body editing mode, but in both ways, you’ll still need to select the areas on your own - the app can't identify body parts. To transform the model’s body in a photo, you can also use separate Bloat or Reshape tools to slim or enlarge body parts like biceps and breasts.

The Pro version of the app offers 3 pricing plans: Monthly, Yearly, and One-Time Purchase. You’ll need it to unlock certain features like automatic neck and shoulder retouching, adding stickers, tattoos, and other effects.


Peachy, a body reshaping app for iOS

  • Clear interface
  • Many body contouring tools
  • The AI doesn't work correctly
  • Not compatible with Android

8. Everlook

Everlook is a popular selfie editing app that also features body reshaping tools. With Everlook, you can quickly slim your waist, arms, and legs, make muscles look bigger, increase height, and add abs. If you want to add a tattoo, beard, or mustache, you can do it with ease, too. There’s also a real-time camera to let you see the effects live.

Unfortunately, Everlook can only be installed on Apple devices. It’s a free app, but for premium features, you can purchase a permanent subscription for $69.99 or pay for the weekly-billed ($2.99) or monthly-billed ($5.99) subscription.


Everlook, an iOS-compatible body shape changer

  • Intuitive interface
  • Real-time camera effects
  • No Android version

9. Fotogenic

Fotogenic can also be used for body reshaping. It offers tools to make body parts leaner, change the height, and simulate a bodybuilder’s type of appearance. The app allows you to whiten the teeth and smooth the skin. Apart from retouching, there are also lots of pro-level editing tools to fix slanted photos, remove the red eye effect, replace colors, sharpen pictures, add bokeh, and apply texture of different styles.

Despite the advanced retouching tools, the interface design of Fotogenic looks outdated, which might be a little discouraging. The photo editor is available for free, but you can also upgrade it to the Pro version which costs $6.99.


Fotogenic, a retouching app with a full suite of tools

  • Easy body changing
  • Many tools for professional photo editing
  • Clunky interface

10. Spring

Spring is a photo editor available for both iOS and Android. The app will let you retouch pictures in a natural way so that nobody notices you’ve tweaked your body or face. Unlike other body changers, Spring will allow you to edit the face and body separately - make the person taller, slim the legs, etc. There are also a bunch of filters you can apply to your picture: grain, dust, film burn, gradients, lens flare, and so on.

There are not many body changing tools in Spring, so it's not suitable for pro-level editing. The pricing plans include a monthly subscription for $3.99 or a yearly subscription for $22.49.


Spring, a mobile photo editor with simple navigation

  • Clear interface
  • Separate face and body editing
  • Few body reshaping tools
  • Subscription required to remove ads

How to Edit a Body in a Picture

Changing the body shape in photo editors used to be a task that only experienced photographers could do. But imagine for a moment that you can easily accentuate your curves or reshape your body without the difficulty of Photoshop. The secret is using a newbie-friendly program, such as PhotoDiva. This intuitive photo editing software is full of AI-powered retouching tools and is designed to make body reshaping accessible to users with any level of skill, budget, and task complexity.

PhotoDiva also lets you apply makeup, tweak facial features, remove or add objects to a photo, replace the background with another, apply filters, and more. The program is available for Windows and doesn’t take up much space on a PC. Hit this button to download and install PhotoDiva on your computer.

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Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Now let’s see how to edit a fat belly in a photo for free and perfect other body parts using this desktop software.

Step 1. Add Your Image

Drag and drop a picture to the startup screen, or click Open Photo to upload the desired file.

Step 2. Make the Waist Slimmer

Open the Sculpt tab and select the Waist tool. Place the markers on the model’s body and drag the Amount slider to the right to make the waist narrower.

Change the waist

Let’s turn the model into a gym girl

Step 3. Change the Legs

Use the Legs tool to make the legs longer and more slender by moving the Height and Width sliders.

Slim the legs

Don’t forget to balance the look by editing the legs as well

Step 4. Alter Other Body Parts

Select the Enhance feature to make any body part smaller or bigger - hover the selection circle over the desired area and drag the Amount slider to the right to enlarge or to the left to reduce the size.

Enhance other parts of the body

Improve selected parts of the picture

Step 5. Save the Edited Photo

To export the picture to your computer, click on the Save button and choose the destination folder.

Export the photo

It’s time to save and share your flawless picture

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Reshaping a body in a photo has never been easier! Today, we have discussed 10 free body editing apps that let you retouch pictures like a professional. The reviewed programs include a desktop photo editor and mobile applications for Android and iOS. To choose one of them, consider your budget and personal needs.

All in all, we recommend you try PhotoDiva first, as it’s easy to use and can make natural-looking body improvements. For enhancing images on a smartphone, you should use Everlook on iOS or RetouchMe on Android.


How can I reshape a body picture for free?

Alter your photos in a body changing program. Here are the top 10 apps to edit a body:

  1. PhotoDiva
  2. AirBrush
  3. RetouchMe
  4. FixThePhoto
  5. Perfect Me
  6. Body Tune
  7. Peachy
  8. Everlook
  9. Fotogenic
  10. Spring

Is the Body Tune app free?

Body Tune is a free body editor app, but some of the essential features require a paid subscription. For example, you’ll need to purchase the Pro version to be able to save an unlimited number of photos. Body Tune offers 3 versions: Monthly Pro for $7.99, Bodytune Pro for $29.99, and Body Pro for $45.99.

What app changes your body shape?

PhotoDiva is a user-friendly photo editor that comes with an AI-powered body tuner. With this Windows software, you can slim the waist, make arms bigger, change the model’s height, and more in just a couple of clicks.

Which is a free online picture slimming editor?

Body Editor Online is a web-based slimming program. It can help you change the appearance by flattening the belly, removing the double chin, making the hips narrower, etc. It’s not automatic, so you’ll need to make the changes using the Liquify Tool, the Healing Brush Tool, the Spot Healing Brush Tool, and the Clone Tool.

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