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Automatic photo collage maker for PC
  • 400+ templates for collages and albums
  • Classic grid, name, number & shape collages
  • Quick rendering even of complex layouts
Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
Collage Generator

What Can You Do in the Automatic Collage Maker?

Simple grid

Go with the absolute classics and arrange your pictures into neat geometric grids: mosaics & rectangular layouts with or without a central pic.

Shape collage

Use mask collage templates to turn your photos into a heart collage, a butterfly collage, a word collage, or other shape collage in an instant.

Spiral layout

Create a complex and fancy collage with twisting and curving grid layouts to fit in a whole series of pictures and greatly impress your viewers.

3D templates

Turn your pictures into hoops, cubes, and prisms to add dimension and motion to your collages and create a visually stunning artwork.

Make Beautiful Mosaics from Hundreds of Your Pictures

Collage Generator is quick and easy auto collage software. The wizard-driven interface helps you make a sleek photo collage without any design experience. The collection of 400+ collage templates and shape layouts, as well as 650+ embellishments allows you to make stunning collages in a jiff. With this auto collage generator, you can turn your pics into visually gripping pieces of art: bright posters, mosaics-inspired postcards, name & number collages, heart-shaped invitations, and greeting cards.
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Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

How to Create an Automatic Photo Collage in 3 Steps

Choose the collage layout
Pick Geometric Photo Collage Template

Open the automatic collage generator and choose a page format, resolution, and orientation. Then pick a layout from 4 different types - simple, spiral, shape, or 3D grids. You can collage more than 50 photos.

If you want a more personal touch, the shape collage maker will help you create your own layouts of any form. A text collage or a number collage could be a great DIY gift for someone's birthday.

Customize your project
Customize Your Collage With Art Effects

When your project is rendered, you can use the auto collage creator to make further enhancements. Choose the background style - solid color, gradient, or an image. Move your pictures around, resize them, change their layer position, add cliparts, captions, and frames.

Add borders and shadows to your photos, adjust their position on the page. Make sure to set the number of photos per column and row, and add text annotations.

Save and print your collage
Save & Print Your Photo Collage Project

Once your project is ready, save it as an image file to share via email or Facebook, or as a template that you can reuse for future projects. With auto photo collage maker, you can also export your work to Adobe Photoshop as layers and further edit it.

Use the print wizard to choose the paper orientation, then smartly position your collage or greeting card on it. Set the margins for zero-waste printing.

Collage Generator offers the easiest way to make collages for special occasions and requires minimum effort from you. All you have to do is to choose a template and add your pictures. The program will auto-generate any photo collage for you. So your surprise picture collage will be ready just in time for the showcase day and will surely impress the person it was made for.
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Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7