PortraitPro Review - Pro-Level Portrait Editing Software
PortraitPro Review
AI-powered portrait retouching software
  • Edit blemishes & facial features with adjustable masks
  • Apply virtual makeup, relight the model’s body & face
  • Edit hairline, get a digital hair dye, change eye color
PortraitPro Photo Editor

Anthropics Portrait Pro Feature by Feature

PortraitPro is one of the best portrait software running on artificial intelligence. It recognizes the age, gender, and facial features of the people in the picture and suggests relevant modifications, which you can regulate with sliders. The program also allows applying realistic digital makeup, relighting effects, and shadows. Meanwhile, the built-in batch processing tool will save the user a lot of their time on editing. PortraitPro is suitable for photographers of any skill level since it has an uncomplicated interface and provides an easy workflow. Want to learn more about the features of the software? Check out our Portrait Pro review.

AI-Powered Portrait Retouch

PortraitPro recognizes the face, gender, and approximate age of each model in the frame. Then, it allows you to retouch every portrait individually, either automatically or manually. You can easily switch between faces for adjusting skin tonality, removing blemishes, and sculpting facial features until they look perfect to you. The recent update also lets you slim the neck and shoulders of your models.

Digital Makeup & Hair Styling

The program’s built-in digital makeup suite lets you apply realistic makeup like lipstick, eyeshadows, mascara, blush, sculptor, etc. Meanwhile, the built-in eye enhancer allows you to highlight, sharpen, and reshape the model’s eyes, change their color, or add dimensions. Want to edit your hairline or add some volume to your hairstyle? You can easily do that, freshen up your hair tone, and even try another color in PortraitPro.

Batch Processing Mode

Have a series of photos you would like to retouch but haven’t got too much time for editing? PortraitPro batch mode will help you retouch all your images at once. Just import your pictures, pick a preset, and let the portrait photo editing software do the rest. The editor also supports RAW files, which is advantageous for professional photographers. However, both the batch mode and the RAW processor are available only with the Studio Max subscription.

Multiplatform Editing

Want to break down your editing into multiple stages to achieve a high-quality result? Retouch your picture using PortraitPro, then move on to Photoshop or Lightroom for further photo editing. However, you have to purchase either the Studio or Studio Max package of the program to get easy integration to Adobe apps. Both subscriptions offer many helpful features, including the plugin for Photoshop and the external editor for Lightroom.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 11 & 10, Mac 10.14 & later
Processor: 1 GHz or faster
Graphics card: 1024 x 600 minimum supported display size
RAM: 2 GB (more RAM and a 64-bit system recommended for imagery over 8 MP)
Available drive space: 200 MB

Download Portrait Pro Software

Potential users can get the PortraitPro Standard package for $54.95. Or choose one of the more advanced subscriptions: Studio for $84.95 and the ultimate Studio Max for $169.95. For users who are still researching their options, there is the PortraitPro free trial. However, saving and printing your final image within it is not allowed unless you subscribe.

Despite many positive PortraitPro reviews, handy retouching features, and helpful in-program tutorials, PortraitPro is pretty pricey. Sure, you can go with the less expensive Standard edition. But it lacks many conveniences that make this editor the golden tool for portrait photography newbies and professionals: batch processing, Photoshop and Lightroom plugins. Besides, the software has few options for overall photo editing. You might also experience some lags with auto enhancement.

If you want a more balanced and budget-friendly portrait enhancer, try PhotoDiva, all-in-one portrait editing software. You can get it for free and for a lifetime or an annual plan subscription at a seasonal discount. The paid plans include AI-powered portrait retouching, facial sculpting tools, body reshaping features, digital makeup, essential editing tools, background changer, and 100+ beautiful filters.

AI-powered photo retouching
Non-destructive editing
Built-in filters & effects
Body reshaping tool