Home Photo Studio: Easy Image Editor For Everyone
Home Photo Studio 10.0
Easy-to-use photo editing software
  • Edit a bunch of photos at a time with batch processing
  • Play with hundreds of pro-level photo effects
  • Create gorgeous greeting cards with 1000+ templates
Fully compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
Home Photo Studio

How to Enhance Your Pictures with Home Photo Studio?

Use smart editing tools

Improve image quality without breaking a sweat. Forget about tiresome manual editing! Instead, use automatic correction to quickly boost colors and fix lighting issues on your photos. Apply different presets from the Artistic Toning and Color Magic option to change the chosen colors on your pictures without affecting the others.

Remove unwanted objects

Sometimes it’s better to erase unwanted objects rather than completely replace the existing background. Get rid of litter, wires, other people, etc. on your photos in a few clicks with the convenient Crop tool. Need to remove different skin flaws like marks, spots or wrinkles? Use the Clone Stamp to clear them out.

Replace background with ease

Took a great picture but a mediocre background ruined the whole composition? Change this poor backdrop to your liking in a click with an easy-to-use background replacement tool. You can choose a new photo setting from your own collection or leave the background transparent and save your photo in the PNG format.

Apply gorgeous effects

Get your hands on 100+ artistic filters and special effects: illumination, weather, optical, geometric, plastic and much more. Combine these effects and apply them to different parts of your image. Turn your shots into vintage photos as if they were taken in the 50-s or still frames from famous movies in just mere seconds.

Benefits of Using Home Photo Studio

Many photo editors make you choose between the ease of use and the size of the toolkit. With Home Photo Studio, you will be able to do almost anything: from simple color adjustments to a stunning photo montage. Still, you don’t need any special skills or photography experience. Launch the program and enjoy the creative process. What’s more, the software is jam-packed with templates and effects: there are 750+ templates and 200+ stunning picture frames to decorate your photos. Ready to test Home Photo Studio with your photos? Grab a free trial version then!

See How Simple the Workflow Is

Home Photo StudioStep-by-step tutorial on image editing

Need an Easy Photo Editor? Try This One!

Want to learn a bit more about Home Photo Studio? Let’s take a closer look at the software then. Browse the screenshots below. They show the coolest features you will find in Home Photo Studio, like making a montage with several photos, using smart color correction, creating greeting cards, adding clipart, etc.

Other Features You’ll Love about Home Photo Studio

Make greeting cards
Greeting Cards

With the help of pro-level photo decoration templates, you can turn your photos into stunning greeting cards. Pick from 750+ designs for any occasion: wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Just a click - and your image magically fits into the chosen template. You can adjust the photo size and its rotation angle. Imagine, how much time you can save and how many cards you can make now!

Batch Processing
Batch Processing

Need to resize or rename lots of photos at once? No need to do that manually! Use Batch Processing to automatically edit the whole image folder in just a minute.

You can not only change the pictures size or format, but also apply a chain of actions, for example, make a quick enhancement or build a 3D composition. Alternatively, you can record your own actions and pick them from the list.

Photo Montage
Photo Montage

With Home Photo Studio, you can create stunning montages with several images. Overlay different pictures and get a solid artwork, place an object on a new background to change the atmosphere completely, experiment with the blend modes for jaw-dropping effects.

Combine any kind of graphics: photos, cliparts, textures. Adjust their transparency or add a layer mask to soften the edges and make your photo montage look seamless.

Make your pictures perfect in a click! Just go ahead and download Home Photo Studio:
Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Old PC friendly.