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The New Version of Passport Photo Editing Software is Out!

Passport Photo Maker

Making a photo for passport or visa is a bit of a challenge. Numerous factors have to be considered to comply with official requirements: photo dimensions, image quality, background color, etc. If you need to make a perfect ID picture at home with minimum effort, try the latest edition of Passport Photo Maker.

This passport photo editing software is a time-saver for home users and an absolute must-have for photo businesses. It comes with ID photo templates for USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, etc., supports automatic face detection and photo cropping, enables fast background change and clothes replacement. Learn more about the program on the official website.

New features of Passport Photo Maker 8.35:

  • Updated ID types database
  • Visa templates for new countries
  • Support of embedded color profile
  • Import from Canon Camera Control

Camera control software for photo business

Canon Camera Control will be a great add-on to Passport Photo Maker. This camera tethering software lets photographers and photo operators take photos remotely and review them right on the computer screen. Then all the pictures can be exported to passport photo editing software and instantly processed for a better result.

The program supports most models of Canon EOS and PowerShot cameras. Thanks to Canon Camera Control, photographers can automate routine tasks and focus on what really matters - attend to more customers and improve their services.

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