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The Latest Release - Canon Remote Control Software!

Canon Camera Control

Do photography for a living? Own a small photo studio? We've just released Canon EOS control software that will free you of routine tasks and automate your business processes. Check out the key features of Canon Camera Control.

How to use it in your photography business?

Canon Camera Control is easy-to-use and efficient software to connect Canon camera to computer and manage it remotely during a photo session. Thanks to its intuitive interface, photo operators will need mere minutes to plug a camera into PC via a standard USB camera and pair it with the Canon DSLR remote control program.

Canon Camera Control highlights:

  • Most Canon EOS and Powershot camera models supported
  • Intuitive interface suitable for inexperienced operators
  • Remote exposure, aperture, ISO, etc. camera settings
  • LiveView Mode for online shooting sessions
  • Simultaneous transfer of photos to camera or PC
  • Instant export to any preferred image editor
  • Full compatibility with Passport Photo Maker

This tethering software will be a great add-on to Passport Photo Maker. All the pictures taken with a tethered camera are easily exported to the ID photo maker for further editing. With the add-on in hand, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters - attend to more customers and improve your photography services.

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